About Us

About Us

Borrowing aviation equipment and items from FlyTrader couldn’t be easier!

Our Inspiration

The inspiration behind this idea was being an unemployed pilot, being required to study frequently and the need to have addition (expensive items!) at your disposal.

So we thought of FlyTrader!  where “Lenders” who might not be currently using their items or might have a back-up sitting on the shelves, and who might also want to raise a little extra cash from their purchases can lend their equipment to others, safely and securely!

FlyTrader saw there was a void in the aviation industry. So finally FlyTrader was conceptualised! Eve who has personally bought and sold (for a huge loss!) large amounts of pilot supplies over the years thought: Why not create a site where “Lenders” can securely “lend” their important and sometime very expensive aviation related items to “Borrowers” for an agreed period of time?

Sort of like a Return Of Investment, that doesn’t cost the “Lender” a cent! We want the result to be helping someone who may not be able to afford the aviation related item, but most of all, can also put money in your own pocket! You might also be in the market for some new equipment such as a headset, but not prepared to fork out the big bucks until you have tested it – so FlyTrader!

This is the site for all your Australian and New Zealand premium aviation rental needs.

Who We Are

We at FlyTrader are passionate about aviation and helping others achieve their goals.

We would love to have you help us grow, so most of all we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on!

So join up today, and start having those spare items work for you and take-off into savings!

The FlyTrader Team

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