FlyTrader Arrival Time Update
Space Shuttle on the back of a Boeing 747 Jumbo

FlyTrader Arrival Time Update

Ladies and Gentleman…

Haha thank you for waiting, we understand your time is valuable! (airline joke).

Hey anyway, while we are still waiting to hear about the matter of renting textbooks online (pretty sure it is a-ok, but undertaking due diligence just to make sure no ones copyright is breached, which is super important to us),  as we have asked a friend who is a lawyer to assist, the advice has to come when they are free, which is totally understandable, as they are helping as a friend!

We also think it is a prospective new way for owners of copyrighted materials to rent their textbooks out, which may in fact help them to get higher returns too! We hope this may be great for all involved.

Meanwhile there is nothing to stop you adding any other items that you may not be using, like flight bags, headsets etc… and ideas that we haven’t even yet thought of!

Any questions, contact us on Facebook or flick us an email Here

Cheers the FlyTrader team

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