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Accessing and borrowing aviation equipment and items from FlyTrader couldn’t be easier!
FlyTrader Aviation Rentals

How it Works

You might rent from FlyTrader because you’re:

  • Researching premium headsets or avionics and want to try before you buy
  • Planning a long cross country or a weekend of flying with friends and family, and want to ensure you have the quality gear you need
  • On vacation, want to fly, and want a great headset
  • A student pilot and not sure if you want to commit to purchasing expensive equipment

So, here’s how FlyTrader “Borrowing” and “Lending” works:

Step 1:

Purchase by the week or month from any listed product. 

Step 2:

We’ll receive and review your order. Then, we’ll send you an electronic rental agreement for your digital signature. Depending on the rental item, we may ask for additional details such as a copy of your photo ID.

Lender can have it so they confirm before Lending, and may choose to view a copy of the Borrowers ID. The Lender will then post the item to the borrower in the allotted time frame.

Step 3:

Your rental ships! We ask you to pay outbound shipping – but the return is on on the Lender (they will send a pre-paid Australia Post package.

When possible, rentals are provided in their original packaging. Please ensure the packaging is returned in similar condition at the end of the rental (don’t throw the box away!).

The manufacturer’s manual or guide will be provided with your rental, whether it is an original or printed copy. As with any equipment, please ensure you read the manual completely prior to first use.

When applicable, rentals are provided with fully charged batteries. If you need to charge your rental during your rental period, please review the manual prior to charging and ensure you have appropriately rated charging devices. Allow the batteries receive a full charge to prolong battery life.

Step 4:

Your rental wraps up, and all you need to do is package up the equipment, slap in the included return shipping package, and drop it off at your local Australian Post Shop.

Step 5:

Questions? [email protected]


All your Aviation Rental Needs in One Marketplace

Lend Borrow Rent Aviation Equipment

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