V1, V2, Rotate!

V1, V2, Rotate!

G’day guys!

Well finally reckon it might be time to introduce FlyTrader to the world!

We still have lots of work to do, but won’t be completely it until we see if this is an idea everyone uses and loves!

First of the big changes if that does happen will be the merging of the two “dashboards”.. its a right royal pain in the you know what, but it will likely cost somewhere in the region of 2.5-3.5k that we don’t currently have! But it is a major priority to put it mildly!

Shop will become easier and more streamlined. We have added the online safety and security of SSL encryption for the whole site, which should mean peace of mind with everything you do with us. Also with the development of the security deposit (Bond!), we believe that FlyTrader will be a safe and great way to lend out your aviation related items, secured in the knowledge that you will see your items again!

The FlyTrader Team

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