Welcome Onboard!

Welcome Onboard!

Welcome Onboard FLYTRADER!

FLYTRADER is a new idea, that came to us while we were thinking about what to do with all my billions textbooks, gathering dust on a bookshelf, and all the times we wished we had a certain items but couldn’t afford it and also only wanted it for a short period of time – so we invented FLYTRADER… for us pilots!


FLYTRADER is in its infancy right now, seeing if its something people want!… so with extremely limited developer skills, have managed to get it this far! All of this is a work in progress, that with your feedback, could really be made into something cool!


We are in the process of adding sms alerts, a new better looking “Lending Shop” and Sendle postage options, and if the idea takes off, we will be able to afford to merge the two dashboards that may be a bit confusing but hey its all we have right now!

…but it’s not perfect (by a long shot), and look forward to your support and any ideas going skyward!… and of course if you are having problems, feel free to contact at [email protected] and we will do our best to assist in fixing it!


We are hoping to add an area shortly to find GA aircraft to hire.


So for now, welcome onboard, sit back and relax and let your surplus aviation related items earn you money without effort… oh and there is nothing to loose, so go ahead and add your items!


Cheers from the team at FLYTRADER

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